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A reader who’ll try anything once, including bad books in search of good ones. Eclectic as her tastes are, she tends to gravitate to historical romances, realistic contemporaries, and some fantasy novels.

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Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

I AM DONE. Finally. Not four months as I thought but almost three. Because of some things I was linked to—thing one, thing two—I am definitely writing a review. If I ever recover to write coherently again (HA!). 


Post-it count: 314 (I sort of lost my spirit towards the end and started letting things slide.)


Last note: "That's not how it works."


Other: While we wait for my review (*chinhands* whatever will it say, come on tell me!) we can still play the game where you give me a number between 3 and 1168, and I'll give you a quote or a post-it comment and a quote it refers to. Or a general description of that page. If you like.


Or you could click the links, read the articles, and we could discuss.