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The Fires of Heaven - Robert Jordan

What is worse than the worst? I have a feeling I'll need to know by the time I finish with this series. Or at least the part Jordan himself wrote because logic fail is strong with this one.


The descriptions of different Ajahs doesn't make sense: the logical white wouldn't employ a network of spies because why? Because they're logical. The point of algebra isn't itself, but its application. Logical equations don't mean a damn thing unless you can successfully implement them. And yellow? Wouldn't they naturally employ all the wisdoms and wise women around the lands? They should be the ones ruling the world, not blue or red.


When I first read the first four or five books, I kept going because I loved the idea of strong women in a fantasy world, the Aes Sedai. But this time around I know better. These characters aren't strong women, they're in place of power because of a series of unfortunate events, and here comes the white man saviour to put things right.


I would quite like Rand as a character without his awkward romantic entanglements, but I absolutely hate what he represents. Is it too much to hope he'll die while purging the Saidin?