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Quid Pro Quo (The Administration #2) by Manna Francis

Quid Pro Quo - Manna Francis

Lately, I've been in bit of a reading slump where nothing could hold my interest. Even good writing—such as in Codex Born by Jim C. Hines—left me without any inclination to say a word and thus unable to review.


But this book, it was like a holiday. It made me giggle, squee and restless in my seat. Not restless as in to stop reading and do other things but restless as in "this is too good to keep to myself—I have to share!"


The actual story of Quid Pro Quo is only about two hundred pages long and a half of the book I read, and the rest is filled with snippets and short stories set in the world and after the mystery. The procedural drama part is very dry but fits Toreth's character development nicely while Warrick is mostly absent. The short stories, however, focus solely on their relationship and its development. This soothed my shipper heart and lust filled expectations.


Toreth. I love that morally questionable bastard and so does Warrick. Of course both men are too stupid to admit their feelings and are actively fighting succumbing to true intimacy. I don't think Toreth even realises he has the tools for an adult relationship that includes more than sex. Warrick does and he's choosing to run away.