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Anything For You (Harlequin Blaze)

Anything for You - Sarah Mayberry This review can also be found on Portable Pieces of Thought-blog.Sam Kirk and Delaney Michaels are in love. He just doesn’t know it yet. She’s known it since she was fourteen but has managed to convince herself that he won’t ever return her feelings, so why bother telling him. No, instead of talking to him, she’s going to run away.That’s the conflict of this story. I guess in certain circles it could be viewed as romantic to wait for the other person come to the right conclusion by himself, but when you’re tired of waiting and decided on leaving him without saying a word? Nope, that’s just cruel. To his credit Sam says so at one point before promptly ruining the moment with sexual innuendo. I could understand Delaney deluding herself while they were still stuck in the platonic gear, but the moment she decided to make a change, telling him should have become step one. Or step two. Any step before quitting her job, selling her flat, and telling him she never wanted to talk to him again. Preferably after the second time they had sex and before she went to her enabler sister who came up with the brilliant plan of weekend of sex to get Sam out of Delaney’s system. And the scoundrel knew it would backfire. There’s nothing wrong with Mayberry’s writing; the story just didn’t work for me. Two hundred pages of miscommunication fuelled angst and sex, and a two page resolution dropped the otherwise entertaining narrative just below my meh line.