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Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling, #1)

Slave to Sensation  - Nalini Singh It started out well but ended on a sour note, at least where the romance is concerned. I don’t mind the fated pairs nature that practically eliminates choice and comes with the shapeshifter romances, but I do mind the utter suffocating of one half’s will. I was hoping that Singh would hit that precious balance between his overprotectiveness and her need stand on her own two feet, but instead it went down the he is always right–path. What I did like and why I’ll probably continue with the series despite the dismal rating, is the world. I liked the Psy and their reliance on logic and attempt to shun emotion. We need more Vulcans in fiction. I also liked the pack dynamics on the changeling side to a certain extent. They’re a bit too misogynistic for my taste but if I don’t overindulge or attempt to take any of the “romances” seriously, I should be able to cope.