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Strong Enough to Love (Jackson, #1.6)

Strong Enough to Love (Jackson, #1.6) - Victoria Dahl It started out so well. Dahl painted the picture of Eve and her life and slowly eased in the tropes. I liked that they’re an older couple, closer to forty than twenty. And then I started feeling sorry for the throwaway suitor, Mitch, who could never compete with Eve’s one true love or have the Chemistry with her that Brian has. Except that Mitch was the decent, loveable guy who didn’t stalk Eve, break her heart and storm back into her life expecting to replace whatever and whoever was occupying it currently. There is or there should be a difference between wearing someone down and pushing too hard. It’s safe to say I didn’t care for Brian at all.The ending? It’s the “unbelievable, too fast, miraculous cock cures all” kind.Maybe this is a good read for those who already are fans of Dahl’s work, but for a casual reader it offers little. It certainly didn’t entice me to read more from her.