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Back to the Good Fortune Diner (Harlequin Super Romance Series #1828)

Back to the Good Fortune Diner - Vicki Essex I loved reading about both the Cheung and Jamieson family interactions as well as about the everyday problems that weighed on Tiffany, and on Chris. I liked reading about how the characters were trying to discover themselves at different ages and stages in their lives. And I loved the kittens. My heart melted and I wanted to find a kitten for myself right away. For cuddles. However, I did not buy the romance. I didn’t see any chemistry between Tiffany and Chris, and when the compulsory I love you’s were said I was asking myself why. I didn’t see them fall in love or even rekindle a high school crush. Am I happy they worked things out and ended up together—not a spoiler, this is a Harlequin romance? Yes, but mostly because of their extended families rather than for the couple themselves.