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In His Eyes

In His Eyes - Emmie Dark This review can also be found on Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell-blog.This is a well written Harlequin romance, but it just didn’t enthral me as I expected it would. Zoe Waters returns to Tangawarra to bury her grandfather and sell the family vineyard after a decade’s absence. She’s basically been on the run from rumours and her past ever since she left and it’s a high time she reconciled with things she couldn’t change. Part of that is facing an old neighbour and lover, Hugh Lawson, who wants to expand his business and buy Zoe’s family legacy. Neither of them expects to regress back to their teens at the sight of each other but that’s exactly what happens. It made sense for Zoe to act the way she did, to resort to her old tools for coping, but it didn’t make it any more enjoyable to read. I’m tired of reading about adults acting like teens and teens acting like adults. Where are the adults who act like adults? Teens acting like teens should stay in YA and in minor roles in romance novels written for adults. The plot and the tangled history were quite straightforward, predictable and pleasant to read. Just as Zoe’s characterisation and actions made sense, so did Hugh’s although I never really connected with him either. Dark writes well—competent is the word I want to use—but it lacks the spark that elevates a story above all others in my eyes. I wouldn’t mind reading more from her in the future, I just doubt she’ll ever make it on my list of favourite authors.