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Men. Am I right or am I right.

— feeling bad smell
X-Files: Trust No One - Keith R.A. DeCandido, Brian Keene, Heather Graham, Max Allan Collins, Gini Koch, Peter Clines, Tim Lebbon, Gayle Lynds, Jonathan Maberry, Kevin J. Anderson

Random thoughts I had while listening to this book:



1. I like her voice. Not so much his.


2. When was this story set again? I don't remember smart phones in the 1990's. Oh, it's contemporary...


3. That was it?


4. You know what, dear author, some of us watched the show because of Scully. Some of us tolerated Mulder because she tolerated him.


5. I have no memory of what happened half an hour ago, which is to say I've forgotten how this story started.


6. Audible Sales are dangerous.


7. I can't remember Scully being this...passive-irrelevant-helpless in the show. Either my memory is playing tricks on me or Man, they really don't know how to write women.


8. HA! Of course I already hate one of the two women authors in this anthology. *sobs*


9. Holy fucking Islamphobic implosion! There wasn't any need for that shit here.


10. Man, they really don't know how to write a woman.


11. This first person voice story from Scully's point of view was, naturally, written by a man.


12. I started out resenting the male narrator but he's doing his part carrying me through to the end of this book.


13. Is this a man's idea of ending the anthology on a romantic titillating note?