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It was going well until..

Some Girls Don't (Outback Heat Book 2) - Amy Andrews

As I mentioned before, this was a pretty good inoffensive erotic romance (not quite an erotica), until it crashed and burned a fiery death.


Spoilers for the ending coming. Consider yourself warned.


Jarrod and Selena reconnect through sex. They spend a few more weeks apart after the initial fifteen years of pining and then decide to confess their love for each other literally five minutes before Selena finally gets her dream job. (Not that I understand why presenting news is more desirable than actual reporting, but I'm generally not a fan of journalists mangling facts, so what do I know.)


And can you guess what's Jarrod's immediate reaction? Oh, yes, it's to make it all about HIM. Selena accepting her dream job she's worked for fifteen years is all about him after they've spent a handful of days fucking again. Not that he didn't have a point on taking your significant other into account when making life-altering decisions, but they'd only decided to start working on an adult relationship LITERALLY minutes before the phone call. He isn't her significant other at that point; he's being interviewed for the position even if she's biased in his favour.


What's even more infuriating is that this new job should actually make their relationship easier and both are too stupid to acknowledge it. She wouldn't have to travel as much anymore and he could easily (more easily than she anyway) find a new job in the city.


At least Selena does the smart thing and walks away. And then two weeks later she quits her dream job because she has no plan at all and is too horny to try to talk some sense into the walking flesh dildo. She is the one who does the great love gesture and it's only then that Jarrod decides that little distance from his family isn't that bad after all. Not as long as he gets to bang Selena. All about him it is.


It's a wonder I have any hair left on my head.