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Seven things about The Administration series

Mind Fuck - Manna Francis Quid Pro Quo - Manna Francis Games & Players - Manna Francis Control - Manna Francis Quis Custodiet - Manna Francis First Against the Wall - Manna Francis For Certain Values of Family - Manna Francis Blood & Circuses - Manna Francis

1. Mind Fuck: A brilliant, stand alone book. Dystopian, erotica, gay and bisexual. Introduces Toreth (my favourite) and Warrick (the very near runner up).


2. Quid Pro Quo: Oh, look it's a series now, and maybe somewhat a misstep considering the rest of the series, but it and the shorts after are important for the characters and their development. Really, you need to read this in order to get to...


3. Games & Players: Hey, we're back to what really matters, that is to say there's more Warrick and Torreth. And then there's Carnac, who you love to hate except when you forget the love part. But honestly, we all end up thanking Carnac in the end. Truly.


4. Control: Oh, look we're back to character development and it's weighty in substance. Try counting the ways the title could reference to the content.


5. Quis Custodiet: This is the one that fades from memory, mostly because Control was so much better. At 33 I understand the characters a bit better than I did at 31, and so the ending isn't *as* bad as it was the first time I read it.


6. First Against the Wall: My. Favourite. It's all about showing the love, and suffering, but mostly all about the love. And suffering. Carnac's back. And you'll thank him again. I promise. Sort of.


7. For Certain Values of Family: It's in the top three with Mind Fuck and First Against the Wall. The series just keeps getting better and it's lovely to know that all those earlier books actually lead up to a payoff. Of sorts. Because this is not the end...


+ Book 8: Blood & Circuses. I need to start that.