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Fool's Assassin - Robin Hobb

This is one of the instances where audiobook helps to distinguish between two first person voice narrators: Someone has done the puzzling out for me.


I'm fairly sure that based on Hobb's words alone, and without certain clues, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Fitz and his daughter.


Also let's not discuss that mess right now. Oh, well, I can't help myself.


Instead of dealing with the tangled mess that was Fitz's life after The Tawny Man ended, Hobb had to go and create another deus ex machina to push the tale forward. Skip the awkward phase where Fitz had to work to have a relationship with Molly and Nettle, and give him a few happy years and another daughter instead. Because *that* makes so much sense.


Well, this is the story Hobb chose to tell, and so far I'm not convinced. If this were a book about any other character than Fitz and The Fool, I'd have flounced long ago.



How is it possible for me to love a character SO much while hate everything else in the story?