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Yeah, nope.

— feeling bad smell
Dragon Haven (The Rain Wild Chronicles, #2) - Robin Hobb

It was toeing the two star line right up until that particular heap of virulent slut shaming towards the end.


Hobb's problem is that as a fantasy author she lacks imagination. She once created something magical and now, this particular penname at least, is very much stuck in the rapetastic mud that is her worldbuilding. For someone who berates her fans for not creating their own worlds instead of writing fanfiction in hers, should do better than this.


Just like with the Tawny Man, Rain Wilds reads to me like a meta discussion or rather a lecture from the author to her critics. "Someone said I was queer baiting, LOOK, I'm not now!" "Someone said I can't write strong women who save themselves, LOOK, Malta escapes all by herself!"


Wait, that last one is from the next book, oh well. The sentiment fits.


Too bad Hobb didn't consider that maybe Bingtown and Chalced don't have to subscribe to Six Duchies moral code, but you know, that might have been an original thought gone too far.