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A case of I wanted to like it better than I did

— feeling unhappy
Play Me, I'm Yours - Madison Parker

First the good news: This isn't written in first person voice as I feared. It's been such a long time since I actually bought this book that I'd forgotten most if not all of why I wanted to read it. But the title kept putting me off because I do dislike first person voice narration quite a bit. (That's a British "quite" by the way.)


Then the bad news. The main character is too weepy to my tastes. There's nothing wrong with crying but an author needs to pick their moments for a story. If there are tears for every. single. remotely emotional moment. it becomes too much. Like the punctuation here.


Other than that, it's quite a sweet (read: occasionally too sweet) story about coming out to your family and even to yourself. It has less of the love triangle—or quadrangle—than I feared, but I believe it's too much for those who don't want to read about the character with anyone other than the main love interest.


And then there's the preachy tone I couldn't pin down until I read the author description. Apparently Parker wrote this because she had something to say about bullying.


It's a good attempt but misses my sweet spot for escapist fiction.


P.S. I skipped the physical descriptions and imagined the characters more diverse than they were.