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Zombies that aren't called zombies and of rapists

Enclave (Razorland Series #1) -

I'm late to the party but I finally finished reading Enclave just to see what all that fuss was about. Back in the good old GR days a reviewer (can't remember her name) criticised Aguirre for turning a rapist into a romantic interest for the main character.


That happens.


Fortunately, I'd lost all interest in the story and characters long before that. It didn't happen on the first page of the first chapter à la Divergent but I it was within the first five chapters or so when the worldbuilding fell apart and never quite recovered.


The hierarchy within the enclave doesn't make sense. Elders, sure are always a noteworthy thing, but making 'breeders' something special and strictly controlled status while at the same time the object of derision sense does not make. Not unless you accept that the one thing that survives apocalypse is rape culture.


There's more nonsense with the scars marking an individual's place within said three or four step hierarchy. It's impossible to turn six scars into one small one thus changing a huntress into a breeder, so why is Deuce worrying the Elder's might demote her? It'd made more sense if she'd been absurdly happy to stand on the lowest rung of the ladder while others had aspired to be pampered as breeders.


Combined with things 'realised aloud' it started to feel like Aguirre decided to wander into YA territory because someone told her it'd be easy: Never mind the details. No one cares!


If you're one of the few people who do not mind worldbuilding quibbles, you might enjoy the characters and the story Deuce narrates. The plot is delightfully lively even if riddled with rape threats. And unredeemed rapists.