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Three in one: The Fit trilogy by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Fit - Rebekah Weatherspoon TAMED: #2 in the Fit Trilogy - Rebekah Weatherspoon SATED: #3 in the Fit Trilogy - Rebekah Weatherspoon

First of all: Beks is a friend who can write. Not that I doubted her talent but this is my first time actually reading her words in a story.


Second of all: I think BDSM and I have officially broken up. Not that we ever were exclusive and I was firmly eyeing other genres, but I think this is it. No more kink for me. Well, I shouldn't say never...




Fit is a trilogy that takes baby steps in introducing three vanilla women (and the readers) into the world of BDSM. With each instalment there's more kink and deeper involvement with the community.


In Fit Violet and Grant are cute when she seduces him at his office and he charms her into a relationship with him. I loved them up until the first sex scene which threw me out of the story and marred my enjoyment. Their emotional journey was lovely but the sex left me utterly cold.


Nailah's sharp tongue trips Armando, who falls head over heels in love with her in Tamed. It takes a little convincing from him but these two hit the sheets and get together too. Their story worked better for me because the first few sexual encounters were practically skipped and the explicit scenes were left later in the book when I had had a chance to invest emotionally in the characters.


In Sated Keira is an absolute joy, a gift to romance heroines everywhere, who fangirls herself a gorgeous Korean switch, Daniel Song. I liked her so much that the BDSM didn't bother me at all and I didn't even feel like skipping those scenes. I even liked their story best despite the ending feeling a little rushed as some key scenes were omitted.


So, if diverse contemporary and lightly kinky romance is your kind of thing, you should definitely try these books. And I'm not just saying that because Beks is a friend and I love her dearly. I'm saying it because Beks can write.