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The Dating Game by Jay Northcote

The Dating Game - Jay Northcote

I liked how this began with straight talk and a deal to take things slow. To actually have characters actively talk and get to know each other and see those discussions lead to new dates inspired by things learned. While talking.


Of course there was kissing and touching but Owen and Nathan didn't immediately break their agreement and fall in bed despite the challenge of it. The problems arose (pun intended) when they gave into their lust and that minor disagreement was swept away with a passing remark and a half-hearted apology. The only thing that mattered at that point was sex.


Smut heavy writing is nothing new from Northcote, but I like it when she takes her time building up the relationship more. The trouble here was that the length of the novella didn't actually give her that much time to build up anything. It was pretty obvious when I was struggling to tell Owen and Nathan apart. Which one of them had the sisters and who had the brother? The two men were basically the same with a slight different skin slipped on for the story.


I wanted something fun and light, but I was too distracted to really enjoy the fluff. Unfortunately.