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Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch #5

Foxglove Summer - Ben Aaronovitch

Spoilers galore. Because this is the fifth book in the series and you should already know if you like it or not. You've been warned.

Peter is as Peter does, which is to say he's a bumbling idiot who rushes into things he isn't nearly ready for. Whether that is changing the urban scenery to rural, non-carnal relations into carnal, or endangering his own life. Then again, the last two of that list give the wonderful moment where Beverly goes against a faery queen to rescue her very own damsel-in-distress-Peter.

From the start I wasn't sure how Lesley would fit into Peter's story, but her absence is sorely felt. It turns out that Peter does need her as sounding board if not a moral compass.

Finding out what Molly is was a surprisingly smooth nonevent, although it did change my mental image of her a little bit. I'd imagined something more like Mongolian death worm teeth than cheap horror film props for a human actor. Yeah, I'm sticking with the original image.

As lovely as it was to see Beverly again, I can't help hoping that there would have been a little more build up for these relationship developments. It's a modern age and Peter is a bit flighty with the details, but I'm assuming there's a bigger plot thread brewing in the pot and the author should be the master cook.

Speaking of. Does the deadline of one year mean three or four books in this world?