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The path of misogynistic writing continues

The Path of Daggers  - Robert Jordan, Michael Kramer, Kate Reading

I was not amused by how this book ended, with a rape scene. The description of Faile's capture is as close to a graphic rape scene as Jordan who cannot make his characters to say the word "sex" is capable of writing. Or was, by this point. I'm not done with the series yet, dammit.


She fights a man bigger than her husband, is overpowered, cut out of her clothes, and tied down naked. Then it's casually mentioned that a Shaido Aiel is forcing her to be a Gai'Shain and it feels like the world's biggest cop out. It is a rape, but that's another word Jordan refuses to say outright.


You wouldn't think that a man who wrote a twelve—turned into fifteen, I'm counting the prequel—part fantasy series has commitment issues, would you. Jordan, however, couldn't commit to his world-building (women led societies that aren't actually matriarchal or non-misogynistic) or talking about issues with their real names.


If you're about to point out to me that Jordan couldn't use the word "rape" because children read these books, then I have to ask you why are you okay with children reading graphic descriptions of (sexual) assault without the author labelling them as such? Why are you okay with chilren reading about randy characters who aren't mature enough to voice and explain their desires?


If I wasn't hate reading this already, I would be now.