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Nothing Special by Jay Northcote

Nothing Special - Jay Northcote

This is an aptly titled book. It's an easy, fluffy story about two guys lusting at each other from afar and getting together with a little help of a paper thin secondary character. There's actually a good set up in Noah's insecurities for a decent conflict but it's never fully explored. It ends up being nothing more than a minor speed bump on their way to happily ever after in a totally unrealistic resolution. 


I'm expecting Noah and Sol to make through year three, before Noah's insecurities resurface and Sol gets frustrated enough to dump him for someone willing to work on his issues. In fact, Noah deserves better than Sol, he deserves someone who is willing to work with him through his issues instead of offering a plaster-placation in the form of a desperate "I love you, stupid" plea. 


Still, a never ending date with mindless sex scenes and cute boys was exactly what I wanted to read in my spare moments, so a meh three stars it is.