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NOS4A2 - Joe Hill

"If books were girls, and reading was s-ss-ssss—fucking, this would be the biggest whorehouse in the country and I'd be the most ruthless pimp you ever met. Whap the girls on the buts and them off to their tricks as fast and often as I can."


"'It's a whore to clean,' Maggie said-"


"You dirty-mouthed little whore."


Before these quotes, I was convinced that Hill is a great writer whose magic simply doesn't work for me. From what I managed to get through, I could see Nos4a2 is a fantastical story that flows smoothly from one scene to another like a brilliant essay. Sure it takes a while for the plot to start but the writing more than makes up for it.


The thing is, misogyny isn't great writing. The last of those three is actually a situation and character appropriate line, but it comes after two gratuitous quotes that serve no real purpose for the story or Maggie's characterisation. It's just something a male author thought to throw in an already wordy story.


I don't feel like playing this game today.