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The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan

I was all set to give this monstrosity three stars because despite the purple prose and boring story there was a sense of nostalgia involved in listening this book. I liked the narrators, mostly, and applaud them for getting through it with a straight face. Although, how would I know how many hours they spent giggling hysterically on the floor over the words they were meant to speak to the microphone. They edit these things, I hear.


Someone should've told that to Jordan. I now know where my bad phase of repeating certain things excessively comes from. And apparently subtlety is over-appreciated too. The scene with Nynaeve and Lan was like a sledgehammer to the reader's skull. So bad. I must have scared a few innocent passers by while shopping for chocolate muffins because of that scene.


So why will I keep on listening to these books? Because I've already caught up with the Welcome to Night Vale podcast and I need something in my ears while I walk.