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Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie (Movie Tie-in Edition) - Stephen King

Thank heavens that's over.


So, not a fan. I've seen the old Carrie film with Sissy Spacek and I guess I liked it, but it didn't leave a lasting impression either. Not the book though, the book is horrid.


Yes, the story is the same as in the film and I can appreciate the idea behind it, but the storytelling and writing are terrible. I was bored to tears reading this. It's painfully obvious that a man wrote this because none of the women felt real. There was a distance that prevented any connection with the characters in the fictitious parts of the story. The rest, pseudo scientific and journalistic articles mimicking realistic reporting only added to the emotional disconnect. You could argue that the dispassionate approach enhances the horror of it, but it didn't simply work for me.


Christine's fate was unnecessary and felt almost like abuse porn rather than anything earned or important for her character development. I especially hated that her agency was denied in favour of propping up Billy Nolan as the big bad of the story.


It's an old book and times have changed, just not enough. Please, let me never ever again read a man writing about menstruation.

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