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[reblog] Yes, someone posted that "people who write reviews ought to be reviewed"

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A real discussion comment has [redacted] writing: "...my analogy simply means: people who write reviews ought to be reviewed themselves...."


Dear amazon: 

When a customer buys a new Sony or other brand blu-ray player from you and posts a customer review, please make sure that Sony and other product manufacturers are contacted so that they may also write a review of that customer's product review. No doubt this will increase the number of helpful customer reviews you receive. Such reviews of customer reviews will no doubt encourage ever so many more customers to be eager to review more products. And potential buyers will be even more encouraged to trust the customer reviews on your site knowing that you will protect them by removing the reviews that the manufacturer reviewed as unworthy. 

Thank You
Your Loyal Retail Customers


(Yes, I used to get in trouble a lot for articles in school publications—and no offense to Sony or their products meant, they were in no way involved in the conversation or with any of the discussion participants.)

Source: http://donealrice.booklikes.com/post/550470/yes-someone-posted-that-people-who-write-reviews-ought-to-be-reviewed-