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Horrorscape Freebie Promotion - September 30th!

Since Fearscape was rated 300 times (omg! that's so much! eeeee) I decided to do something special for my readers.


That's why Horrorscape, Fearscape's sequel, will be free for download on September 30th. If you already paid for the book, please don't feel like you missed out. Know that your money went to a very grateful indie author who absolutely over the moon about the fact that people enjoy her writing enough to give her money for it. :D


Also, I'm beginning the final draft of Locked and Loaded. So far, I feel pretty positive about making the deadline (October 31st, with any luck!). Of course, having such supportive and awesome friends and fans really helps too.


Thank you, everyone! Thank you for making me feel appreciated and welcome!



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