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Shadows (Ashes Trilogy, #2)

Shadows  - Ilsa J. Bick I was hoping this book would somehow get back to the first, good part of the first book in the trilogy, Ashes, but I’m not seeing that happening. Instead of focusing on Alex’s continued survival after the Zap and among the Changed, I’m now expected to care about a host of characters I couldn’t stand in the first book—the people of Rule. As glad as I was to see Tom back, the promise of his parts in the adventure just weren’t enough to keep me interested. For a book thriving on gore and nonstop action, I found the first third very boring. I didn’t have a reason to care about anyone anymore and randomly inflicted horrors just don’t entertain me. At 28% I’m giving up. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.