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Maineikas kuollessaan

Maineikas kuollessaan - J.D. Robb, Satu Leveelahti Eve Dallas and the lot continue their investigations in the second In Death novel. I’m rounding the rating up because the mystery wasn’t quite as predictable (even though it was) as in the first book and because this time I was happily distracted by Eve’s and Roarke’s relationship.No, Roarke still doesn’t make me swoon and Eve has her annoying moments, but their interactions are entertaining. Roberts apparently realised she’d rushed things with their relationship and took things back a bit, only to resolve them quickly and continue with the pre-scheduled sex. I wonder if all thirty something books in the series will continue this one step forward, two steps back dance with their relationship. I’m not convinced that Eve is as good a police officer everyone in the books seems to think she is, and I’ll be adding that to the list of things to look for in the following books. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many new world building details in this book, but I can see how Irene and Sandy might have led to an economic collapse in an alternative universe and timeline.Maybe it’s because of the translation and the fact that Finnish doesn’t quite work like English does, but the fact is that there are a few things that sound dated as I read these books. Considering how old the books are, it’s amazing there aren’t more of them.