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Kuoleman enkeli (Eve Dallas, #6)

Kuoleman enkeli (Eve Dallas, #6) - J.D. Robb, Satu Leveelahti It seems like Roberts got back into the groove again with her sixth In Death novel and it’s all thanks to the mystery. Well, not the mystery per say. The book works because of the killer. Instead of writing (poorly) about Wicca and Satanism, Roberts writes about a safe Catholic mad man who just “happens” to have ties to Roarke’s past. The further I read this series, the less I respect Eve Dallas as a policeman and the more I see this story as just another offering at the great altar of Roarke. Every. Single. Thing. Revolves around him. Eve does a very little actual policing and instead spends her time skirting the law and bending the rules to keep Roarke safe. And having sex. There’s a lot of fade-to-black sex, again. I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens to the secondary characters and if they keep true to their original characterisations—or descriptions, which I could be doubting because of my Swiss cheese brain—but I doubt I’m keen enough to hunt down the remaining thirty something books of this series.