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When I Say When

When I Say When - Tia Fielding It started out well enough—great in fact—with the decent groundwork for Jordan’s character and his history with Gabe. But then came time for the sex. I had really hoped that it would be Jordan taking the initiative, but no, it was Gabe. Well, okay then, I can handle a man chuckling at the wrong time if it means the other one will find his spine and balls later when it really counts. Except he never did. Jordan did make the mistake of walking out and leaving the money and he paid for it with wallowing—oh, I do love the wallowing—but he never actually had to risk anything. He didn’t have to leave his apartment, go back to Gabe’s house, knock on the door, and apologise. No, because Gabe was the only man in that relationship. He risked everything, again, and he made it easy for Jordan to accept Gabe’s apology. Then there were the I love you’s; I didn’t buy them. They’d been crushing on each other since their teens, but they’d never really got to know each other, not then or not now. These two adults just claimed to love one another based on a fantasy they’d been harbouring for fifteen years. No. No. No.And that’s why I’m giving this two stars instead of three. The wasted promise of the beginning soured what could have been a four star—maybe even a five star—story. Silly me for expecting more from a porny novella.