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Assassin's Quest (Farseer Series #3)

Assassin's Quest (Farseer Series #3) - I loved it and the ending most of all.***That much hasn't changed. In all the years since I last read this and things I've learned, I still think the ending is the best part of this book. Of this trilogy. It's where the story should have ended. But more of that later.I should not reread my favourites. I really shouldn't. I've changed and knowing what's going to happen has changed my view on the writing and the plot, but most of all I have changed. There were times when I actively disliked Fitz while reading the Farseer trilogy and that doesn't bode well for other Robin Hobb books I might read. His whining and self-deprecation and blaming of others for his misfortunes became tiresome this time around. For the love of El and Eda take hold of yourself and do something about it!And I really thought he did, in the end. He reclaims his life from his King and goes to have wonderful Shut up! Hobb didn't see fit to give any details on the contrary so I'm deeming the trips to Near Island, Chalced, Rain River and everywhere else wonderful adventures with Nighteyes and, although it's not quite what he'd wish or picture for himself, Fitz seems to be content. I have hope for him, hope that this quiet life will bring him happiness all the riches of Buckkeep never could. ...and then I read Tawny Man. [Věrka - Don't you dare to read this before finishing the Tawny Man trilogy.] Oh, I know that the pain over losing Molly to Burrich cut deep and that Fizt might have learned to live it and move on had he not given the pain to the Girl-on-a-Dragon, but come on. Tawny Man completely undoes any character growth Fitz might have had. Sure he's older, a man then, but sending him back to Molly shows he's not learnt a thing. It shows Fitz is stuck and can not be a functioning human being without a woman who was, is and will always be wrong for him. I thought he deserved better than that, but apparently I was wrong and the raving masses of shipper lunatics have to have their way. Boo! And even if I could forgive Hobb that, I would never forgive her for sacrificing the Fool to the altar of spring love. My only consolation is that Hobb can't ruin the character any further. And this was supposed to be about the Farseer trilogy.