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A reader who’ll try anything once, including bad books in search of good ones. Eclectic as her tastes are, she tends to gravitate to historical romances, realistic contemporaries, and some fantasy novels.

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Sydämen synnit (Synnit, #1)

Sydämen synnit (Synnit, #1) - Eve Silver, Eeva Koskimies A decent paranormal on the plotty side. The characters are developed but at the expense of the relationship development. I spied a logic lapsus or two, but I don’t know whether I should be blaming the slightly wooden translation or the original text. There wasn’t any explicit sexual content, so I can’t call this an erotica, but the presence of ancient Egyptian deities ensures the book aimed for adults and mature teens. And horror flick fans. Should or shouldn’t I mention this? It’s a mix race couple, and for once the black woman was stronger character than the white man. Of course, they’re both hardly human, so they have that in common.