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Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners, #0.5)

Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners, #0.5) - Tiffany Reisz I gave The Siren two stars mainly because of the quality of the writing—and because I didn’t completely hate it. This novella, however, has made me doubt Reisz’s basic command of English. The book has to be really, really bad for me to notice its grammar. I’m terrible with commas and all other forms of punctuation but when words sound wrong to me it hurts my head. This book hurt my head. Individual words hurt my head.Words put together hurt my head. The plot and character arcs of this novella hurt my head.Having expressed my critical view on Reisz’s writing before and having read several other critical reviews, I can’t unsee the flaws. I can’t turn back time to when I didn’t see how everyone had to be beautiful and how everyone had to worship Nora and how she was the saviour of broken things, broken men. ”She obeyed. She was trained to obey, trained to want to obey.” She’s a broken thing, a broken soul, and she was made that way by a predator I refuse to fawn over.