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Hot Head

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede This is one of those books that are too good to be meh books but not good enough to be anything else either. I did like Suede’s writing quite a bit but I just wish there’d been less of it. Hot Head needed a couple of more rounds of story editing to take away all that repetition, unnecessary expose and awkward genitalia euphemisms. It took two or three chapters for the story to actually start and that infodumping burned my budding trust in the author. Whenever something happened or didn’t happen, I didn’t have the patience to read on to find the explanations. This accounts at least one of my status updates. I also craved for some added clarity even in the scenes I enjoyed. As for the story itself, it read like a gay-for-you fantasy more than anything else. I’m not saying that it’s not possible for two straight men to fall in love with each other and forgo all women—let’s just all agree to hope for the day when only love matters and gender is irrelevant—I’m saying I’m not interested in reading those stories. If I’m reading explicit books about adults, I’d rather read about self-assured characters whose midlife crises are about something other than redefining their sexuality. Speaking of which, I thought Dante’s failed. Had he done what he did unwittingly, he’d only have been a bad, ignorant friend, but he knew. He set everything up deliberately because he was a coward. Griff was a coward too, but he deserved better than what Dante put him through. A quick comment of idiocy being the necessary evil for new relationships doesn’t make it right.