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No Proper Lady

No Proper Lady - Isabel Cooper I wanted to like this book more than I did. The plot, the premise, everything about the set up works better in theory than in practice, unfortunately.No Proper Lady tells the story of Joan, daughter of Arthur and Leia, a warrior from the future travelling two hundred years back in time to save the world and humanity from otherworldly beasts. She meets Simon Grenville and ends up in a slow paced historical romance instead.So far, I like it. I like the fact that this woman has a real reason to act modern and talk filthy. I like the fact that the romance is slow burn and that we're shown how their feelings grow. And I do like frenzied final confrontation. What I don't like is the pacing and the overexposed glimpse to the better future. First of all, if going back in time can change the future, how does anyone know for sure that the future will be like the one Joan imagines it'll be without the big bad. And secondly, the dichotomy between Simon's and Joan's worlds wrecks the plot progression. The author stays true to both the future she imagined and to the slightly altered historical setting she created for the story. What she fails to do is to introduce a secondary plot elements that'll keep the reader distracted and entertained while Joan adjusts to the time period and her new place in it. I've finally figured out why Mr and Mrs Bennet had five daughters instead of three: Jane Austen needed some everyday crazy to keep Lizzy occupied while Darcy was away in Town. I definitely want to read more from Isabel Cooper and I hope that whatever she comes up next will live up to the promise I saw in this book.