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Shaun of the Feed

Deadline - Mira Grant

Although everything could be explained with his grief over George's death—you know what I mean—it still felt too much like the author didn't really want to change the narrators. Like she hadn't really wanted to tell the story from Shaun's point of view but wished she'd could have kept using George's voice. Shaun was a rounded character in the first book, his own man with certain questionable attachments and characteristics, but here he felt like a shadow of George. And not just because he was grieving.


Of course the end twist explains why all this is, but you know what, I'd rather have skipped right to it, instead of suffer through an inferior installment. Shaun deserves better.


I didn't check the characterisation fail box on my shelf-list, but it was a close thing.


Narrators were good, so good in fact, that I had to double check the names to make sure they weren't the same people as in book one.