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From papercuts to cuteness.

The Paper Magician - Charlie N. Holmberg

I'd heard some bad things about these books through the bookish grapevine and decided to pass, but then Audible was having a sale and I needed distraction. Things happened.




Through the first half of the book it was hanging onto four stars with its sheer cuteness. The heroine is snarky and tastes her toes on more than one occasion, and just as her teacher, I found this endlessly amusing. He did his part by braving all the paper cuts to bring alive more cuteness than my sweet tooth can handle.


Then the second part happened, and I kept going. It took me a while to realise what people had been objecting to, but honestly I just took it with the creative magic and went with it. I had more of a problem with the single usage of the word whore.




Loved her. Might've even forgotten for a second or two that it was a woman doing men's voices. I haven't listened to enough audiobooks to declare Amy McFadden the best ever, but she'll be on the top ten once I get around creating a list. Or however long that top list will be, she'll be on it.