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— feeling bloody
Season for Temptation - Theresa Romain

I guess this could simply be a problem of reading a series out of order but then again maybe not. I was expecting to read about Louisa and not about her betraying sister and fiance.



Normally I'm all for genrebending books, but they do need to be well written, which this is, and compelling, which this not. Sure, the author can hammer the 'she's better fit for him'-anvil all she likes, but I first need to care about the characters. I don't. Couldn't care less about sweet Julia clearing away James like yesterday's dishes, because I want to know why Louisa hesitates to marry him? Why did she say yes in the first place? Will she unleash her bitter wit and cutting sarcasm with her rude shelving?


Apparently I hate two-in-one stories for the same reason I hate anthlogies: Why should I get through all that crap and keep it to get to the real gems?