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Fool's Quest - Robin Hobb

I'm back to shouting at a book. The man talks and talks but doesn't hear my curses. Not that it's his fault that I'm raging: they aren't his words. They're Hobb's.


And we're back to raping and pillaging. What's a Hobb book without infused rape culture? No one knows, because it doesn't exist.


Also, the miscommunication is getting ridiculous. It's worse than most annoying examples in romances.


If there were any good will left in me for these books and the author, I would call this manoeuvre ingenious, but there isn't any and I won't. Instead of seeing it is as something building on existing canon, I see this explanation for Bee's existence as the author breaking her own canon and throwing away what little was left of my love for the series.


I still love the characters but dammit if I'm ever trusting Hobb again.