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In the clear... of what exactly?

In the Clear - Tamara Morgan

It's a difficult trope to get right, friends to lovers with a beta hero, and Morgan didn't quite manage it.


For two people so clearly battling with mutual attraction for years, apparently, the transition from friends to lovers was more difficult than it needed to be. The author threw in unnecessary obstacles or plot twists on their way to get Fletcher and Lexie admit their feelings to one another. 


I didn't understand why Sean, the brother between the couple, needed to be villanised the way he was. He wasn't shown to be the best friend to Fletcher he was told to have been, and his brotherly teasing of his twin sister went just a little too far for the story. I now wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that Sean is gay. 


On my list of nitpickings is a mention of that shower sex: For two people intent on saving lives they need to pay more attention to saving the Earth, which is to say: TURN OFF THE WATER FIRST!

Thank you.