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Running away at 12%: a DNF review

Running Back - Allison Parr

What happens when I read a bad book and a bad fanfic back to back? I make even poorer reading decisions and pick up an old freebie.


It started with a buttslap and continued with parental attitudes and expectations from the 1980's. Okay, maybe from the early 1990's too but then we had Scully. Anyway, then the bad continued with a questionable reading choice connected to the word both (referring to three things instead of two) and the main character simply giving up on her career without even trying to talk the reluctant new landowner into agreeing with her.


But what sealed the DNF on this story was when a couple footballer's WAGs invited a rabid fan to a team (I assume) party after having known her quite literally less than five minutes.


This isn't how rational people behave and I have no interest in reading about people who do.