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Puritans in Space didn't impress me.

Saving Grace (Grace's Moon Book 1) - Merry Farmer

I gave it a good 25% or a little more than 100 kindle pages before giving up.


The book is an odd mix of speculative scifi and badly executed survival-slash-caveman romance. The world-building science infodumbs alternate between lewd malegaze and annoying flashbacks to a potentially interesting take on nu-eugenics that drove the only ship capable of interstellar travel to escape earth.


Thing is, the characters worry about saving enough diverse genetic material to rebuild human population on another planet, or in this case on a moon they crash, but none of the characters either pre or post crash are described as POC.


Another annoying thing is how the survival focus isn't actually on survival or even exploration of their new habitat but powerplay for leadership, which would be natural and could be interesting if done right and not by characters that come across more like vapid pod people than actual human beings.


And none of those points seems to be the crux of the story. No, the point is the badly written love-tetrahedron where three men compete for the titular character Grace.


I could have read it, hadn't it felt like fighting to get through every short paragraph.




I received an Advance Readers Copy of this book.